New CD Release!!

Available June, 2002!

Reed Island Rounders

Betty Vornbrock ~ fiddle
Diane Jones ~
Billy Cornette ~ guitar

Old Time Tunes and Songs of West Virginia

The Tunes:

1. Shakiní Down the Acorns
2. Goiní Back to the Yew Piney Mountains
3. Yew Piney Mountain
4. Sally Will You Marry Me? / 
    Elk River Blues
5. Coo Coo
6. Ways of the World
7. Queen of the Earth, Child of the Skies
8. Cranberry Rock
9. George Booker
10. Wild Hog in the Woods
11. Indian Squaw

12. Springtime Waltz / Paris Waltz
13. The Rainy Day / 
      Paddy on the Turnpike
14. Sally Cominí Through the Rye
15. Falls of Richmond
16. Liza Jane
17. Billy in the Lowland / 
18. Cherry River Line
19. Over the Waves
20. Greasy Coat / Elzicís Farewell
21. Sally Ann
22. Mouth of Stinson


To Order:

$15 USfunds for each CD,
add $2 for postage, and $1 postage for each additional CD, to US & Canada addresses. PLEASE specify "Goin' Back", as we have other offerings.

Payable to:
Billy Cornette
715 Peacock Dr.
Hillsville, VA 24343

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