Reed Island Rounders
Visit the Great Southwest (and Texas)!

Jan 24 - Feb 5, 2014
Albuquerque & Santa Fe, NM; Flagstaff & Tucson, AZ; Austin,TX

Reed Island Rounders - Billy, Betty, Hilary, Scott
Old Time Music from the Appalachian Mountains
Billy Cornette - guitar & vocals, Betty Vornbrock - fiddle, Hilary Dirlam - banjo, Scott Whitney - bass & mandolin

The Reed Island Rounders have long been known for not being your typical string band. Drawing from the lonesome hollers of West Virginia, the lively traditions of Kentucky’s fiddlers, and their local Blue Ridge Mountains styles, they weave archaic with sophisticated, soulful with foot-stomping, romantic with down-to-earth. The resulting tapestry is alive with texture and color, making for an invigorated dance hall, or a lively and enlightening concert.

Each a veteran of festivals, music camps, and dance circuits, Betty, Billy, Hilary & Scott choose the tunes and songs they love the best, and bring a unique variety of sounds to each venue. Betty Vornbrock’s fiddle bow brings energy to dance tunes, emotion to waltzes and listening tunes, and imagination to her banjo/fiddle duets with Hilary. Billy Cornette keeps his rock solid beat and fanciful bass runs on guitar, and is the vocal lead. Hilary Dirlam of Mars Hill, NC, and an all-around delightful musician, keeps the rhythm going and livens up each tune on the banjo. Scott Whitney adds his bass magic to the group, and might pick up the mandolin from time to time.

Reed Island Rounders’ listeners and dancers will be treated to driving dance beats, tasteful fiddling, fun songs, and maybe some music history thrown in!

**Note: The Rounders will perform for 6 events in NM, AZ & TX.
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