"There Are No Rules!"


Diane Jones & Hubie King

old-time banjo songs and tunes

the tunes:

1. Rye Straw
2. Boll Weevil
3. Coal Creek March
4. Cold Frosty Morning
5. Going Down the Mobile Line
6. Wild Hog in the Woods
7. Kentucky Boot Leggers
8. Singing Birds
9. The Horny Yowe
10. Colored Aristocracy/Whistling Rufus
11. Cherry River Line
12. Home, Sweet Home/Murillo's Lesson
13. Camp Chase
14. Roustabout
15. Mulberry Gap/Ramblin Hobo
16. Red Rocking Chair
17. Lost Gander
18. Ducks on a Pond/Yew Piney Mountain
19. Hogeye
20. Baby O/Stillhouse
21. Chilly Winds
22. Cumberland Gap

* * *

In this critically acclaimed CD, Diane Jones and Hubie King, with quest musicians Dave Bing and Pete Vigour playing fiddle and Chris King playing guitar, play several different styles of old-time banjo on twenty-two cuts.  From the all-traditional list of tunes and songs, there is a good mix of familiar and more obscure material. There are several cuts with full string band, some banjo duets, some banjo/fiddle, some solo banjo and lots of singing.

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