A Journey Back in Time
OR - a BLAST from the PAST!! Bluff Springs Road, Austin TX

A bit more grown up since back in the day, eh? And more secluded.

Your/our old cabin, #5

My good pal and ex roomie, also an ex-Iowan, Char Busse,
and her pal Byron now own the acreage and cabins.

They have joined #5 with #6. #5 is their living room & bedroom.
#6 is their kitchen - in the process of remodeling.

Nice little dog-trot deck, eh?

Watch out for flamingos!

It's really a cool deal for them now - they spread all the rooms of a house over 5 cabins!

The original farmhouse, built 1907(?) at the far end.
Was this the one Annie & Sally lived in? Our was theirs #6?
Now it's one of their getaways and Char's art studio.

This is the first one on the driveway now.
I don't really remember that much about the structures from back then.

Byron was living in this one - #3 - when Char met him.
She had no idea I had ever lived out there.

He had fixed it up pretty well when he was living there, and had it rented out till recently.
Now it is their guest house.
They both love the vintage decor - do a lot of thrift-store shopping.
The inside of #5 is like going back in time.
The painting is one of Char's.


The entrance is in the back, facing the creek.

#4 is now the other getaway - his passion is music and old stereo & PA stuff;
hers is her art, and she is also a fine singer-songwriter with a powerful voice!

Char, Billy, Byron on deck. When they started to remodel #5 they wrecked out a cabinet and
found that postcard from me to you from 1979! Freaked her out, for sure, me too!
When we got there she presented me with the postcard, framed with glass on both sides
(the front is one of those Greetings from Iowa cornfield shots)

Char with some of her paintings - just the tip of the iceberg.

Yeah, I know - so someone had to hold the camera!

Flamingo alert!

It's an invasion!!

Art shot ....

Puttin the bluff in Bluff Springs

Remember the creek?

A little portable landscaping ... wish I could have a bucket cactus!