Weekend in Pittsburgh!
April 29 - 30, 2011
Fri nite: House Concert
Fiddle Workshop (Betty) and Banjo Workshop (Kirk)
Sat nite: House Concert








RIR with Kirk Sutphin

Kirk Sutphin joins the Rounders for this special Pittsburgh weekend!

Friday Evening

Reed Island Rounders House Concert: 
Friday, April 29, 8 pm
Hosted by Curt Cooper & Annie Trimble
230 Edward Ave., Pittsburgh, PA
Please call 412-343-0498 or email Annie for more information


Intermediate O-T Fiddle Workshop
and O-T Banjo Workshop
Saturday, April 30, 10:30 am - 4 pm
Tuition: $70
Hosted by Annie Trimble
230 Edward Ave., Pittsburgh, PA
Please call 412-343-0498 or email Annie for more information or to register

Saturday Evening

Reed Island Rounders House Concert: 
Saturday, April 30, 8 pm
Hosted by Bill & Judy Locke
Pittsburgh, PA
Please call 412-835-1140 or email Bill for directions

House Concerts

Most fans of the Rounders know that Diane Jones has had a tough couple of years, due to medical issues. While she still enjoys playing, singing, and teaching, she has decided to cut back on travel and performing. We have enjoyed adding Kirk Sutphin to our lineup, and Diane is happy that this is working out for us.

Fans of Kirk Sutphin know that he has a wide repertoire of North Carolina and Virginia music - from Round Peak, to Piedmont, to the strains from old 78's. His fiddling evokes the rhythms of Tommy Jarrell, with the lilting tunes of Emmett Lundy and others. And on banjo he can shift from clawhammer dance tunes, intricate Wade Ward and Kyle Creed styles, to 2 - or 3 - finger picking of Frank Jenkins and Charlie Poole, with little effort.

The Rounders pull Kirk's styles together with their signature West Virginia and Kentucky sounds to make a fun journey through Old Time stomping grounds. While for the most part maintaining their fiddle/banjo/guitar trio, Betty & Kirk also join fiddle forces to weave lively and hypnotic twin fiddle textures. While we miss Diane's ballads and irreplaceable voice, we have been pressing Billy to learn more songs - you never know what might pop out!


When: Saturday, April 30, 2011 ~ 10:30 am - 4 pm
Where : Home of Curt Cooper and Annie Trimble in Mt. Lebanon, PA
Fee: $70, includes step-by-step learning of several great old-time tunes, individual help with techniques, and a light lunch.
If there's interest. we may offer a shorter beginner's workshop on Sunday, or private lesson (let us know if you're intrested).

For reservations or more information about the fiddle and banjo workshops, please email or call Annie or Curt at 412-343-0498.

Intermediate Fiddle: 
Betty will be emphasizing bow control, rhythms, accents & phrasing, through a few of her favorite
 weird tunes and tunings.
 She combines drive, texture, and dynamics to bring life to dance tunes,
 solos, & waltzes.

E-mail Betty

For those of you who’ve never experienced one of Betty’s hands-on workshops, I can attest that she is an excellent teacher. She breaks tunes down by phrase and makes sure you get it down before going on. She picks a variety of tunes that give you a wide range of fiddling techniques and styles to add to your old-time fiddling repertoire.       ~ Annie Trimble

Intermediate Banjo:
Kirk will be teaching his various banjo styles through tunes he learned from his visits with the elders. Come prepared to also absorb his stories and knowledge of this music's history.
E-mail Kirk

If you want to learn how to play the diverse styles of NC/VA  banjo or fiddle it would be a challenge to find a better and more knowledgeable teacher than Kirk Sutphin - Erynn Marshall

Please note!  Messages will be handled as soon as they are retrieved, so please act quickly and be patient!
Hope to see you there!

Workshop Registration:
Please contact Annie, email
ph# 412-343-0498
and include the following information:

Name, address, phone #, email (if you have one),
# of participants to register.

Please make checks payable to Betty Vornbrock or Kirk Sutphin.
Payment due on the day of the workshop.

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