Rounders ~ '...young men, carefree and assertive in spirit, 
often risqué and associated with the banjo...'

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We're looking forward to all the fine fiddlers' conventions
and festivals this summer!
See you there!


We are proud to introduce our new CD!!
"Wild Goose Chase"

Wild Goose Chase CD cover
Betty Vornbrock ~ fiddle
Kirk Sutphin ~ banjo & fiddle
Billy Cornette ~ guitar & vocals
Hilary Dirlam ~ bass

We are sorry that Hurricane Matthew caused us to cancel these events in South Carolina.
We will be rescheduling a future date asap.

October 7, 2016
Concert in Charleston, SC

October 8-9, 2016
Old Time Music Workshops
at Folly Beach, SC
Fiddle, Banjo, Bass & Guitar classes
in a beautiful beach setting!


Billy & Betty 2014

Many thanks to all who helped make our Southwest Tour a success!
To our friends, old and new, who hosted us, the organizers of the FFOTM, AFTM, and Judy Muldawer, and all the music lovers and dancers who came out to see us!

The best quote of the trip, from an enthusiastic dancer at our Flagstaff house Concert:
"You were throwing it down, and I was finding my groove!"

Big thanks also to our bandmates for the trip, for their music and friendship. Hilary Dirlam is such a fine musician, and hats off to Scott for being our fearless driver!

moon crop

... events ...
October 15, 2016
Autumn Leaves Festival
Mount Airy, NC
the Rounders take the stage at 2:15 pm, Saturday - free event!

RIR - Kirk Sutphin, Betty Vornbrock, Billy Cornette


Billy on national TV!
In 1962 and again on April 4th, 2012 -
broadcast on NBC's "Rock Center".
Here's a teaser ~ watch for a young Billy!

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 CD Recordings & clips:
"Goin' Back"
"Hand Me Downs"

"Wild Goose Chase"

Burning Wolf Records Other Recordings:
"Side by Side"

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Support local music along the Crooked Road Music Trail in SW Virginia & North Carolina! Look for the Rounders and other fine Old-Time & Bluegrass bands in the line-up at the Rex Theater in downtown Galax, VA!

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