Who ARE the people in this picture?

Wells Family, circa 1898-1900,
Long Creek, Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky
This is a portrait of Billy Cornette's Great-Great Grandparent's family

. . . and who IS that fiddler in the window????

Jonathan "Jack" Wells
Great-Great Uncle to Billy, and son of Martha & John
(guess they told him to stay out of sight!)

Martha Jane Griffen Wells
Great-Great Grandmother to Billy

John Rickard Wells
Great-Great Grandfather to Billy

their children:

Benjamin Franklin Wells
Great-Great Uncle

George H. Wells
Great-Great Uncle

William Roscoe "Watt" Wells
Great-Great Uncle

Jack's daughter, Birchie Wells

Billy's Great Grandmother was a sister to these men, but was off & married at the time of the photo.  Her daughter gave birth to Billy's dad, William C. Cornette, Sr.

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