L ive Christmas Trees are the environmental choice!

Learn more about the environmental impact of live trees vs. fake trees - click here.

monarch on a zinnia

Did you know?
Every acre of Christmas Trees grown produces the daily oxygen requirement for 18 people.

Fraser buds with ladybug

Christmas Tree growers plant one to three new seedlings for every tree they harvest.

They are renewable and recyclable!

baby praying mantis

Real Christmas trees make SCENTS!


Reed Island Farm grows ECO-Friendly Christmas trees!!

What is an ECO-Friendly tree?

While there is no official standard, we feel that our trees meet the test of being grown in a way that impacts our environment in a positive manner. 

RIF with summer flowers We don't use any pesticides in any way on our farm. Instead, we use a program of beneficial insects, along with a mowing schedule that allows these insects to create their own ecosystem.

In so doing we have encouraged an ever-growing population of songbirds, swifts, and hummingbirds, as well as praying mantis and ladybugs. Our other beneficial insects are not so recognizable, but they do their jobs!

This has also resulted in a healthy environment for other wildlife, our creek, our pets, and ourselves.

RIF tree fieldWe have had customers who have claimed to be 'allergic' to fresh-cut Christmas trees. After encouraging them to try ours, they have become loyal customers! Nothing is ever sprayed on our trees, and no harmful chemicals have ever touched them!


Our trees have won many honors at the VCTGA contests, including
Grand Champion of 1998, 2003, and 2005!

If you think an ECO-Friendly tree is right for you,
please come and pick one out for your holiday!

summer tree fields

Summertime wildflowers and "weeds" make a lovely sight in our tree fields,
as well as providing habitat for our beneficial insects.