Reed Island Rounders Old-Time Music CDs

Hand Me Downs CD
Goin' Back CD
Side by Side CD
Wolves in the Wood CD

Music? Yes ~ MUSIC!

When Billy & Betty are not working through the various seasonal chores on the farm they are enjoying the musical heritage of our mountains! Festivals and Fiddlers' Conventions fill many weekends through the warmer months, and offer hours of jamming and dancing!

Our old-time string band ~

the Reed Island RoundersKirk Sutphin, Billy Cornette, Betty Vornbrock - Reed island Rounders

It has been nearly 20 years since Betty & Billy met at a local jam session.
We eventually formed a band for fun, and to compete at the festivals.

With Betty on the fiddle and Billy on guitar, the Reed Island Rounders have enjoyed the addition of fine banjo players and bassists.

We are currently joined on banjo and more fiddle by Kirk Sutphin, who brings his widely respected talents and music history knowledge to the band.


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Betty Vornbrock ~ Fiddle
Billy Cornette ~ Guitar & vocals
Kirk Sutphin ~ Banjo & fiddle


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