We love receiving pictures from our customers of their decorated trees.

tree"Mr. Christmas Tree" sent us these two handsome trees, from Christmasses past.


And from another joyful home:


Kids' Christmas Corner

The Flying Santa book by Joe & Paula McHugh
Our friends and fellow music lovers Joe and Paula McHugh have created an enchanting book based on a true story set in Maine. In 1929 the pilot of a float plane that delivered mail, medicine, and other essentials to remote coastal communities became lost in a fierce winter storm. With his compass malfunctioning and running desperately low on fuel, he was eventually guided home by a series of lighthouses along Pennobscott Bay. To show his gratitude, he and his ten-year-old son dropped floatable bundles full of presents to the families of the lighthouse keepers on Christmas Day.

Christmas Puzzles

Here are some simple and fun puzzles you can click to and then print for your home use. We thank the National Christmas Tree Association for making these available.

Fun Holiday Puzzles!

Learn about the history of Christmas:


Early Rising

I hate to get up in the morning,
Like to lie in bed and sleep.
And when the folks make me get up,
I feel like I could just weep!

I hate to get up in the morning,
That's when I sure like to rest,
'Bout the time that breakfast is ready
Is when I can sleep the best.

But it's different Christmas morning,
Then I jump out before it is light!
To see all the presents that Santa
Has left for me during the night!

On Christmas I get up so early
I beat all the rest of the folks;
Pa says every day should be Christmas --
But that is just one of his jokes!

Happy Holidays!