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The Fiddle Gatherin', held in the ampitheather

John Herrod (far right) leads the Gatherin', as each fiddler plays a tune or two, showing the different fiddle styles.
L-R: Joe Dobbs, Betty Vornbrock, Barb Kuhns, Doug Smith, J.P. Fraley, Paul Smith, John Herrod

J.P. shows us how to do it right!

L-R: Barb Kuhns, Doug Smith, J.P.,  Paul Smith

The festival could not run smoothly without the help of John, Nancy, and Sam.

Nick Hallman's wife shows how to play the "fiddlesticks", as Nick plays a tune, and Liz Doherty (a visiting fiddle master from Ireland) looks on.

Jamming on the porch of Caveland Lodge, with Doug Smith, Will Keys, and Harper Van Hoy.

What it's all about!!
Jamming under the shade of an old pine tree!

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