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Ann & Phil Case sing in the lobby

John Tierney & Dick Albin

Joe Dobbs, Doug Chaffin & Mal Cooper
heat things up on stage

J.P. is at it again!
L-R: Doug Chaffin, Barb Kuhns, J.P., & Doug Smith

Parking Lot Picking!!
Bob Anderson on banjo, and Jim Good's best side! 
Can you name the guitar, bass & autoharp?

More Parking Lot Picking, 
with Paul Smith, Mal Cooper & Joe Dobbs

Jamming on the porch of Caveland Lodge, with Joe Dobbs, Bob Anderson & BoD & Jennings Morgan

More Porch Jamming!

.... with Polly Gongola & Adrian Bevins Will Keys, ? Lola Keys, & Wanzie Van Hoy
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